Graduating High School Seniors, 2018

Eliza Jones, YPO, Saarburg, Germany, attending Hamilton College

Linnea Metelmann, Saarburg, Germany, attending College of St. Benedictine

Graduating High School Seniors, 2017

Eleanor Carlile, YPO, attending BYU

Tun-Yiu Cheng, YSO at NEC, attending Syracuse University

Milind Sundaram, YRO, Saarburg, Germany, attending NYU

Graduating High School Seniors, 2016

Anna Peng, BYS Sr., attending Harvard University

Derek Nong, YSO at NEC, attending University of Pennsylvania 

Graduating High School Seniors, 2015

Alex Hsia, attending Princeton University

Maddie Jacks, attending Cornell University

Nicky Osborn, attending Bates College

Tina Shan, attending University of Massachusetts

Senior District and All-State Festival Results, 2015:

Anna Peng, Eastern District and Massachusetts All-State Participant

Alex Hsia, Eastern District

Eleanor Carlile, Northeastern District

Eliza Jones,  Northeastern District

Nicky Osborn,  Northeastern District

Tina Shan,  Northeastern District

Tun-Yiu Cheng,  Northeastern District

Junior District Festival Results, 2015

Linnea Metelmann, Northeastern District

Jonathan Chen, Eastern District

Graduating High School Seniors, 2014:

Leah Meyer, attending Yale University

Morgan Jackson, attending Yale University

Eric Xu, attending Duke University

Senior District Festival Results, 2014

My high school students who successfully auditioned in November, 2014 for the Mass. Senior District Music Festivals

*Nicky Osborn, 3rd Chair Principal in Festival Orchestra, Northeast District
*Eleanor Carlile, 2nd Chair Principal in Festival Band, Northeast District:\
Eliza Jones, 3rd Chair Principal in Festival Band, Northeast District
Tina Shan, 4th Chair Principal in Festival Orchestra, Northeast District

*Anna Peng, 3rd Chair Principal in Festival Band, Eastern District
Alex Hsia, Assistant Principal 1st Chair in Festival Band, Eastern District

*Nicky, Eleanor and Anna also received recommendations for the All-State Festival auditions.

Leah Meyer and the National Youth Symphony Orchestra

Leah Meyer was accepted into the National Youth Orchestra of The USA for the second year in a row in 2014, undertaking an American Tour under their conductor, David Robertson. Leah was featured Principal Horn soloist in Symphonic Dances by Bernstein. She was accepted into the NYO for their inaugural performances in 2013 in New York and on tour to Washington DC, London, England, Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia under the direction of Valery Gergiev and with renowned violin soloist Joshua Bell.

All-State Competition Winners for 2013

Maddie Jacks, 10th grade
Morgan Jackson, 11th grade
Leah Meyer, 11th grade *Top horn score for second year in a row
Henry Scott, 9th grade
Eric Xu, 11th grade

November, 2013 Results for Senior District Music Festivals in Massachusetts

Leah Meyer, Principal Horn I*
Northeast District Orchestra
Eric Xu, Principal Horn I*
NE District Band
Maddie Jacks, Principal Horn I*
Eastern District Orchestra
Alex Hsia, Principal Horn II*
Eastern District Band
Nicky Osborn, Principal Horn III*
NE Orchestra
Eleanor Carlile, Principal Horn III*
NE Band
Anna Peng, Principal Horn IV*
Eastern Band
Morgan Jackson, Principal Horn
IV, NE Band
Tina Shan, Asst. Principal Horn
NE Band
*Received All-State recommendation

Senior District Winners in Massachusetts for 2012:

Maddie Jacks, 10th grade
Morgan Jackson, 11th grade
Leah Meyer, 11th grade
Nicky Osborn, 10th grade
Henry Scott, 9th grade
Eric Xu, 11th grade

Junior District Festival Winners in Massachusetts for 2012

Tun-Yiu Cheng, 8th grade
Grace Curtis, 7th grade
Sam Hartman, 7th grade
Eliza Jones, 7th grade
Linnea Metelmann, 7th grade
Audrey Tucker, 8th grade