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My primary goal as a music instructor is to ensure that each student becomes the best musician possible. Every pupil is unique and has particular challenges and strengths. The foundation for my personalized instruction is to clearly identifying those characteristics and develop a plan that has both a challenging and consistent approach to the achievement of each student’s musical goals. I emphasize that each of my students gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of horn playing. My program of study includes a commitment to deep breathing and flexible embouchure, which forms the cornerstone of successful brass technique and musicianship.


My lessons are structured to maximize each student’s understanding of how to practice efficiently and methodically, while strategizing on methods to continually improve their playing and musicianship. I will guide each pupil through the complete scope of horn playing techniques they must learn in order to advance through every semester of instruction. As an essential element of my program, I will show and allow each student to gain a clear overview of the range of the horn repertoire, including etudes, orchestral excerpts, solo and chamber literature, that they will be expected to learn and perform for their curriculum.  I place a strong emphasis on focused breathing, intonation, musicality, phrasing, tonal balance and a rich, warm sound.   An evenly distributed approach to the study of each of these areas of repertoire will be designed individually for each student. The art of balancing the learning of technique and musicianship will be a crucial element for each student to evolve into a complete musician.


I have devoted many years to crafting and expanding an effective means of horn instruction to provide each person who enters my studio a means of achieving musical and personal excellence, in addition to sparking their motivation to succeed and deepen their love of music.